Christian Siriano does Lane Bryant

So, here’s what’s going down:  Season 4 Project Runway winner Christian Siriano released a very highly anticipated plus size collection in collaboration with Lane Bryant last week. Let’s flashback to approximately 10 years ago when he was a contestant on Project Runway.  Brilliant, brilliant Siriano churned out piece after piece of what Tim Gunn ambitiously labelled […]

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A Father’s Worst Nightmare

Or, TheAmple Tries on Bras for the Internet Turn back now, ye minors and those of tender constitution.  Because we’re about to get a bid rowdy all up in this blog today.  Readers, I have every intention of making this a very pulpy post where you’ll get to ogle a bunch of my bra choices, and […]

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Indie Plus Sizes 201

Hello, graduates of Indie Plus Sizes 101.  Congratulations, you’ve made it to round 2.  But the work DOES NOT STOP, so sit back, open your notebook, put on your tartan skirt, and let’s all listen to some ~~*Pink Floyd*~~ together as I give you some education. So, these posts were born out of my own […]

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Indie Plus Sizes 101

An awesome femme commented last week that I should do a post on all those ~*elusive*~ indie plus brands that I was saying we should all buy from.  Readers, TheAmple does not take that lightly.  TheAmple gives her readers what they want.  The people have spoken, and TheAmple listens. In this first installment, I’ll give you […]

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Unboxing: ASOS haul under $100

So, in order to make light of a mild shopping addiction (haha, jk jk….no really, it’s fine, I’m fine, I’M DOING OKAY) my content-rich post this week is an unboxing!  Boy oh boy.  Now you too have the chance to live vicariously through someone who spends too much money on clothes! My obsession lately has been interesting […]

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