The Ample Goes West… Size Queen!

Gosh, all this jetsetting¬†makes a girl¬†thirsty…for indie plus size fashion! ¬†(Eh? Eh?) As many of you already know (because let’s be real, there are like 4 strangers¬†who read this thing), I just came back from Portland! ¬†When I was deciding where to go for vaca, one of the big draws to Portland originally was their […]

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Christian Siriano does Lane Bryant

So, here’s what’s going down: ¬†Season 4 Project Runway winner Christian Siriano released a very highly¬†anticipated plus size collection in collaboration with Lane Bryant last week. Let’s flashback to approximately 10 years ago when he was a contestant on Project Runway. ¬†Brilliant, brilliant Siriano churned out piece after piece of what Tim Gunn ambitiously labelled […]

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A Father’s Worst Nightmare

Or,¬†TheAmple Tries on Bras for the Internet Turn back now, ye minors and those of tender constitution. ¬†Because we’re about to get a bid rowdy all up in this blog today. ¬†Readers, I have every intention of making this a very pulpy post where you’ll get to ogle a bunch of my bra choices, and […]

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Indie Plus Sizes 201

Hello, graduates of Indie Plus Sizes 101. ¬†Congratulations, you’ve made it to round 2. ¬†But the work DOES NOT STOP, so sit back, open your notebook, put on your tartan skirt, and let’s all listen to some ~~*Pink Floyd*~~ together as I give you some education. So, these posts were born out of my own […]

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Indie Plus Sizes 101

An awesome femme commented last week that I should do a post on all those ~*elusive*~ indie plus brands that I was saying we should all buy from. ¬†Readers, TheAmple does not take that lightly. ¬†TheAmple gives her readers what they want. ¬†The people have spoken, and TheAmple listens. In this¬†first installment, I’ll give you […]

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