OOTD: Pattern mix to beat the blues.

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OH, clothes.  How you have the power to transform.

Nothing to do today?  Dress the fuck up.

Whenever I feel like I need a bit of pizzazz, I mix patterns.  They help me feel alive, they fill in spaces when there are spaces.  If I feel tired, insecure, uninteresting, sometimes I slap on a pattern, and it makes me feel more like myself.

my big, enthusiastic face.

Feeling pretty satisfied with this pattern mix today….

Shirt: PayHalf

Skirt: Rainbow

Leggings: f21+

Shoes: Miz Mooz (for my achin’ feet)

Watch: wewood

Lip: Sephora Cream Lip Stain, shade #10

Earrings: @kweenknotti

You all: what are your go-to pieces that make you feel radiant no matter what?

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So, this is a blog.

Hi, all!  You’ve chosen to stumble upon my blog.  You might have come here because you’re fat, you like fat people, you like femmes, and/or you like me.  Here is a little ditty about what you can expect here. FACT: I am listening to Beth Ditto as I write this.  For inspiration.  And hype. This […]

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