OOTD: Structure (bonus comment on privilege)

Hi, Ample friends.

So, here’s an OOTD!  Stay tuned later in the week where I’ll be doing a SCATHING review of a new line. Which plus collection will be up on the chopping block?! …TO BE ANNOUNCED.


So, my femme self loves a structured garment.  I love my femininity, I love my masculinity, it’s all just a big pile of love over here.  I’m a praiser of pants, I’m jazzed for joggers, loony over a legging, bonkers over button-downs… (I’ll stop now).  I obviously think that we all should dress exactly how we want to and be praised for that.  However, what really needs to happen first in order to make that wish come true is that we need to create a world in which that is possible for everyone.  The dark side of this very idea is that my ability to dress pretty much however I want (within the realm of accessibility as it relates to being able to find clothing in larger sizes) on a day to day basis comes from a place of considerable privilege (white, midsize fat, middle-class, relatively able-bodied, city-dwelling with much cultural access, hourglass, cis-passing).  Others do not have this privilege.  Folks’ abilities to present in a way that feels good for them is holistically, one big gift.  I am thankful for the relative (a big word here) ease and safety in which I can navigate the world and express myself, my style, and my gender.  And we all need to work hard in order to make this a right, a no-brainer for everyone, not a privilege.

Body-love and body-positivity can be really easy and simple.  And reductive.  And exclusionary.  It’s very easy to love oneself and one’s body and receive pats on the back for your “confidence” if you have all the privilege that makes it possible for that to happen.  Confidence is kind of a myth, folks.  I’m gonna go out there and say it.  Self-love is a part of it, sure (and that’s not to mention all the hard, hard, hard work and rewriting and retraining it takes to make that happen, and how much of a constant challenge that is).  But an even bigger part of it is whether the society you live in extends its hand out to you.

So with that, here is my outfit for today.




yeah so what i’m breaking out on my chin

Pants: ASOS Curve // Top: F21+ // Boots: Please don’t look at them, they’re heinous and utilitarian because there’s snow everywhere // Earrings: F21 // Collar chain: it fell off the back of a truck in Greenpoint // Lips: Sephora Cream Lip Stain, Always Red.


PS: I’m trying to get myself on some sort of posting schedule, and what I’ve tentatively decided is that I’ll do one OOTD per week, and one post with other topical content per week, for a total of 2 posts.  Still figuring out how this thing works in the delicate balance of my life.


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